Naturopathic Doctors in Phoenix and the Rest of the World

RejuveNature Medical is a total wellness clinic with four naturopathic doctors in Phoenix dedicated to assisting patients with the rejuvenation of their health and quality of life—naturally. We practice alternative holistic medicine—here locally as well as all over the country—to encourage your body’s natural healing process, with the understanding that certain emergency situations or health conditions may require medication. Our naturopathic doctors’ goal is to provide the right balance of treatment to help you heal as well as prevent future illness or complications. We do this in a joyful, friendly environment with an emphasis on listening to you and sharing our knowledge–with respect and dignity at the utmost importance. We believe that knowledgeable patients can make better decisions in their health choices and our naturopathic doctors want you to have thebest quality of life possible through mind-body-spirit medicine. We also have DEA numbers which allow us to prescribe and advise you about prescription drugs when this is necessary.

About Natural Medicine

Naturopathic Doctor Phoenix

Natural Medicine begins with an understanding that your body was designed with the ability to heal itself. Its function is to maintain a healthy balance to keep you functioning at optimum levels; however, sometimes the body is challenged to do so. As naturopathic doctors, we can create personalized plans to combine modern medicine with nature to help you maximize your body’s ability to not only treat disease, but restore and maintain balance. We do this by focusing on nutrition, exercise, natural protocols, and a lifestyle that supports your body’s naturally healthy state.

About Naturopathic Doctors’ Training

RejuveNature Medical’s licensed naturopathic doctors (NMD or ND) have completed a bachelor’s degree and then graduate-level medical school studies similar to traditional Doctors of Medicine (MDs). Our medical school training included natural, non-toxic therapies which focused on wellness and disease prevention rather than the symptom- and prescription-centered emphasis of modern medicine. Naturopathic doctors’ training includes anatomy, physiology, immunology, pathology, embryology, neurology, diagnosis, OB/Gyn, gastroenterology, urology, endocrinology, cardiology, pediatrics, geriatrics, lab analysis, pharmacology, psychology, and minor surgery. Also, like traditional medical students, naturopathic medical students have training, during which we observe, diagnose and treat patients in a clinical setting.   In addition, we have four years of biochemistry, nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, and botanical (herbal) medicine as well as whole-person natural approaches to support healthy lifestyles. Upon the completion of naturopathic medical school, we receive our doctorate degree. As Arizona naturopathic doctors, we are licensed as primary care physicians upon passing professional board exams.

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