Cleansing and Detox ProgramsCleansing and Detox Programs, including Chelation

Cleansing and detox programs are approaches to ridding the body of toxins naturally. As alternative medicine practitioners, we use a variety of different cleansing or detox programs throughout the course of treatment depending on your needs. One possible treatment is the chelation of heavy metals, which is achieved through a number of therapies and is important for good health. To learn more about detox and other therapies, contact us for a free 15-minute consultation to begin a cleanse that’s right for you.

Whole Body Detoxification

We are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment. For example, consider the following threats to our ground water, air, food sources, and ultimately our bodies:

  • More than 4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground in 2000 (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Over 260 million pounds of chemicals were discharged into surface waters (i.e., lakes, rivers, and oceans).
  • Nearly 2 billion pounds of air emissions were pumped into the atmosphere.
  • Several thousand food additives are intentionally added to our food supply, and thousands more slip into our food supply unintentionally during harvesting, processing, or packaging. In fact, the average American consumes about 124 pounds of food additives a year!
  • Over 400 pesticides and herbicides are currently licensed for use on food crops, and every year over 2.5 billion pounds are dumped on crop lands, forests, lawns, and fields.

In addition, your exposure to toxins may be increased if you:

  • Eat a diet high in processed foods and fat
  • Drink tap water
  • Consume caffeinated beverages excessively
  • Consume alcohol excessively
  • Use tobacco
  • Use recreational drugs
  • Use medication(s) chronically
  • Don’t exercise strenuously
  • Have liver dysfunction
  • Have kidney problems
  • Have intestinal dysfunction
  • Are exposed to workplace or job-specific toxins
  • Use pesticides, herbicides, paint, and other toxic substances without adequate protective gear
  • Live or work near areas of high vehicle traffic or industrial plants

These toxins build up over time and our bodies cannot purge them without assistance. Common symptoms of toxin buildup (toxicity) include headaches, muscular aches and pains, and fatigue. Toxicity can also negatively impact the immune system, neurological functions, and endocrine functions, leading to:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Skin disease
  • Chronic infections
  • Cancer
  • “Brain fog” and other mood and overall mental functioning issues
  • Reproductive issues
  • Menstruation problems
  • Low libido
  • Poor metabolic rate
  • Lack of stress tolerance
  • Improper glucose regulation . . . and more.

Modern science has taught us that the detoxification process is heavily nutrient-dependent. This means that the enzymes that drive the detoxification process are fueled by vitamins, minerals, and other key food components. Therefore, adequate nutrition is essential for effective detoxification and yet many individuals attempt a detox diet without the assistance and supervision of a professional or use of the right detox methods and tools to ensure their bodies can safely get rid of these toxins. Consuming a low-allergy potential source of nourishment along with nutritional factors known to enhance the body’s detoxification capacity can have a powerful effect on your body’s ability to cleanse itself.

RejuveNature Medical can provide you with an advanced detoxification program to help your body rid itself of dangerous toxins. Our program provides simple, yet effective, dietary guidelines in combination with a complete and nutritionally balanced beverage. This beverage contains a blend of the essential food components and nutrients and has the following benefits:

  • It is scientifically designed and clinically tested.
  • It supports BOTH Phase I and Phase II activities by providing key ingredients such as L-glutathione, N-acetylcysteine, taurine, sodium sulfate, and catechins from green tea.
  • Alkalizing factors such as potassium citrate can be included, if needed, to enhance toxin excretion.
  • It provides a low-allergy-potential source of protein.
  • It has a proven track record with over 15 years of clinical use worldwide.
  • It is backed by published research that shows it helps relieve symptoms and conditions associated with toxicity.

(Source: Simple and Easy: Detoxification © 2006 Advanced Nutrition Publications, Inc. – 651 8/02 Rev 3/06)

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Nutritional Supplement Therapy

In naturopathic medicine, nutrition plays a central role as a therapy. When your body is lacking the essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals from food, genetic variations, or bodily damage, it is less likely to prevent illness or recover from injury. In addition, lack of vital nutrients can cause a variety of health problems. Therefore, as part of your holistic treatment, your naturopathic doctor may conduct testing and/or recommend nutritional supplements to support your return to good health. It is important to understand that not all supplements are created equal. To learn more about supplementing your diet effectively, contact us for a 15-minute consultation.

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